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Saturday, May 28, 2005

hitting on E.D.

Emily Dickinson has recently received the following messages to her friendster profile:

"how r u today, would like to chat, i thought your
was morbid, and sexy, well get back to me you fool"

"Your pic looks like my sister, i look like her
My day has dwindled again, play with me later?"

"Greeting from the Oregon coast! Your profile was
quite interesting and also humorous. It also
prompted me to pop you a line wondering if you
would like to start a dialogue (after checking
out mine of course) I live in a nice beachtown on
the northern Oregon coast (check it out at cannon- and work in Portland at a hotel as a
front desk/sales & marketing person[]Best wishes,

Saturday, May 21, 2005


She slept on a chiropractic pillow, paid $40 to counter-countertransfer, walked up to her knees in the pacific.

talked about herself in the third person.

She was afraid of touching metal, the way it was the opposite of being touched back.

Read a story that filled space by another charmingly self-loathing young white male fiction star.

She liked the part about the jehovah's witness outside plath's window.

there is almost always something redemptive, and that is enough.